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The family and sports podiatrist you can trust to put your feet first!
We forget how much we rely on our feet until we can’t use them anymore. Here at Charlestown Podiatry Clinic, we have a team of the finest podiatrists who ensure you never have to worry about that.

If you are having difficulty walking without experiencing pain, book in for an appointment today.

Local Foot Podiatrists: Our Specialist Team

The family and sports podiatrist you can trust to put your feet first!

Dip Pod M

peterAfter running a successful biomechanical based practice in Sydney, Peter moved to London to broaden his podiatry knowledge. Here he worked in two large sports clinics as a consultant podiatrist, mainly treating runners.

Over four years a relationship was built with ORETEK laboratory, providing valuable experience in the benefits and intricacies of CAD CAM foot orthotic prescription for a broad range of sporting injuries and lower limb complaints.

Peters’ 21 years of experience with the individual client condition, footwear type, ground surface and sporting movements gives him an edge in orthotic prescription that will be beneficial to your feet and over all health.

B Podiatry, B PDHPE

rebeccaRebecca is a valuable part of the Charlestown Podiatry Team. She grew up in the Hunter area and has over 10 years experience in the health and sports industry. Rebecca has previously played representative soccer, basketball, tennis, golf, softball and touch football.

Rebecca has a keen interest in all aspects of podiatry from biomechanics to diabetic assessment. Rebecca enjoys providing thorough treatments and excellent patient service. She takes a holistic approach to the diagnosis and management of common foot conditions, through comprehensive treatment and sustained patient education. She believes the most crucial part of a treatment plan includes patient understanding and awareness.

Our Reception Team

Our team Donna and Jane are very dedicated to providing the most warm and friendly service possible. We do everything we can to ensure your comfort while in our foot clinic. Past customers always comment about our warm and helpful staff members which are one of the reasons we are regarded as the foot clinic of choice in Charlestown.

Our Clients

Here at Charlestown Podiatry Clinic, we have the skills and experience to treat patients with all types of podiatry requirements. Our clients range from children to the elderly and everyone else in between. We treat athletes’ injuries from the elite to social levels and have developed quite a reputation amongst the sporting community.