Orthotic Therapy in Charlestown, Newcastle

Custom made foot orthotic inserts to satisfy your feet

If your feet are out of alignment, the results can be felt throughout the entire body. Pain can be felt in the knees, legs, hips and back – triggering headaches and chronic pains. At times surgery is necessary, but most times the best and easiest solution to correct this problem is orthotic therapy.

Orthotic foot treatments are custom foot supports positioned in your shoes that either correct or modify the alignment of your foot. They are far more effective than over-the-counter products because they are specifically designed to fit your unique feet.


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At the Charlestown Podiatry Clinic we specialise in custom orthotic inserts. With an exclusive license from Cadence Orthotics, our podiatrists use advanced CAD CAM technology that will deliver a 3D digital foot scan.  This results in a supremely accurate representation of a patient’s foot to meet their orthotic treatment needs. Patients will then receive an orthotic that provides control, correction and comfort to improve foot function.

We have provided orthotic therapy to patients throughout Charlestown, as well as surrounding areas such as Dudley, Lake Macquarie, Charlestown and Newcastle.