Podiatrists for Ingrown Toenail Surgery

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An ingrown toenail occurs when nail curves and grows into the skin, causing irritation to the skin, pain, redness and swelling. They are often caused from trauma to the toenail, improper trimming or footwear and the condition of the nail. While home treatments can be performed, they are strongly discouraged at the risk of infection.

At The Charlestown Podiatry Clinic we offer ingrown toenail surgery. The surgery is minimally invasive and provides good cosmetic results, so much so that you can walk in for your surgery and walk out once it’s done! We provide an emergency nail surgery service for those who need it. For more information about ingrown toenails and surgery, click here.


Our other services in Podiatry:

As of the best podiatrist in Charlestown and Newcastle area, The Charlestown Podiatry Clinic provides a variety of services to help you with all of your foot related problems: no matter the problem, we will have you back on your feet – as we say and promise! Below describes in more detail some of the specialist treatment services we offer in podiatry, like ingrown toenail surgery.

We also treat a wide range of other foot problems and complaints, such as:

  • Toenail cutting
  • Cracked heels
  • Ingrown nail surgery
  • Corns and callus removal
  • Orthotics (Cadence CadCam)
  • Heel pain
  • Sporting injuries
  • Growing pains
  • Diabetic Assessments
  • DVA/Medicare/HICAPS approved
  • Flat feet (pronated feet)
  • Plantar warts – chemical removal
  • After hours appointments available
  • Children’s foot assessments
  • Nursing home visits
  • Running injuries


We have clients throughout the Charlestown area, as well as surrounding areas such as: Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and Dudley. To set up an appointment today, call us at (02) 4942 2599 or visit us at our Charlestown Podiatry Clinic.