General Toenail Cutting

We, at Charlestown Podiatry Clinic, can assist you with all of your foot and ankle concerns. These can range from sports injuries to heel pain, diabetic foot checks, cracked heels, nail care, dry skin, children’s feet and more. If you have a problem with your feet, no matter how big or small, it’s worth getting some expert advice from your podiatrist.

Trimming toenails

Try to trim the person’s nails every week. Or check the nails each week to see if they need to be trimmed. It’s easiest to trim nails after the person has had a shower or foot bath. It makes the nails softer and easier to trim.

To trim the nails:

  1. Before you start, wash and dry your hands. You don’t need to wear gloves.
  2. Use nail polish remover to take off any polish.
  3. Hold the person’s foot and toe steady with one hand while you trim the nail with your other hand. Using toenail clippers, trim the nails straight across. Leave the nails a little longer at the corners so that the sharp ends don’t cut into the skin.
  4. Keep the nails no longer than the tip of the toes.
  5. Let the nails dry if they are still damp and soft.
  6. Use a nail file to gently smooth the edges of the nails, especially at the corners. They may be sharp after the nails are cut straight.
  7. Apply nail polish, if the person wants it. 8.If the person’s nails are thick and discolored, it may be safest to have a podiatrist cut them.

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