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Foot problems are probably one of the last things many of you associate with nursing homes. Like many things though, foot care is incredibly important when a patient is in pain or has become disabled due to a foot ailment. A podiatrist is a licensed physician who diagnoses and treats foot and ankle conditions, injuries, and diseases. In Illinois and most states, podiatrists must be licensed in order to practice podiatric medicine.

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Why Podiatry Service is Needed in Nursing Homes

Podiatry is a useful tool for many nursing home residents because of how common podiatry services are required. Podiatrists can be very important in keeping elderly people and disabled people mobile. An independent practice podiatrist in a nursing home can act without supervision of a nursing home staff member. The podiatrist can perform patient evaluations, design treatment plans, and update service plans as required. Nursing home staff members should still be aware of residents’ podiatry treatments in order to ensure that residents receive all prescribed services. Also, nursing home staff members need to be aware of all signs and symptoms that might indicate any complications, additional medical problems, or worsening of condition. Proper care and maintenance of all foot and ankle problems will dramatically improve the quality of life for nursing home residents who already face reduced mobility because of advanced age and other health problems. If you or a family member have foot or ankle problems, it is important to ask the nursing home whether they have an independent podiatrist at the nursing home or other professional to attend to your needs.


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Here at Charlestown Podiatry Clinic, we have the skills and experience to treat patients with all types of podiatry requirements. Our clients range from children to the elderly and everyone else in between. We treat athletes’ injuries from the elite to social levels and have developed quite a reputation amongst the sporting community.